Stöckli Raclettegrill Cheeseboard V8
Stöckli Raclettegrill Cheeseboard V8

Stöckli Raclettegrill Cheeseboard V8

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Raclettegrill Cheeseboard V8 Stöckli

For 8 persons, new, patented grill plate for less smoke and splashes of fat, slightly sloping griddle = grease and oil can run off and is collected, easy cleaning, space-saving design, with parking deck, SEV / CE tested.
Raclette and Grill for 8 persons, superior performance yet compact in construction.- Novel design gives less smoke and fat-splashes - thanks to the ridged, non-stick coated grillpan, the hot liquid fat and oil can run out and collect in a stainless, antisplash, covered container. Through this system, fat spray-out and the production of smoke is significantly reduced.- place-saving design: although catering for up to eight people it is compact and elegant on the table.- including 8 raclette pans with spatulas- fine temperature adjustmentManual: German, French, Italian, English, Dutch
1100 Watts, SEV/CE certified
Dimensions: 50 (L) x 14 (H) x 19.5 (W) cm
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