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Here at swissproductsonline.com we aim to bring you a safe, secure and risk-free online shopping experience in Switzerland. Our goal with swissproductsonline.com is to provide a place where you can conveniently buy quality Swiss products and technology, supplies from the comfort of your own home, and then have them delivered to your door. At Swissproductsonline.com we work hard to bring you some of the best quality Swiss products and goods, together with great value for your money.

Swissproductsonline.com is located in Lucerne, central Switzerland, and is 100% Swiss owned and 100 % operated by Swiss citizens.

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Our products include Swiss Pocket knives, accessories, kitchenware, Swiss technology and Swiss watches, together with other parts and supplies, and are only the best Swiss quality from all the leading manufacturers, including the top brand names.

Swiss products are all either produced, developed, designed or engineered in Switzerland, and Swiss products are known throughout the world as the best products on the planet.

Kaltenbach, Giorgio Carellei, Apenta, Kisag, Kuhn Rikon, Sigg, Solis, Stöckli, Tavola Swiss, Turmix, Victorinox, Wenger, Traser H3 Watches and Zyliss to name just a few brands.

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