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PB Multitorque Screwdrivers

Perfect for controlled screwing from 3.2 to 16 Nm (2.4 to 11.8 ft·lbf)

The PB Swiss Tools Multi Torque screwdriver: the comfortable tool for defined tightening torques in the higher torque range. It impresses with its ergonomic design, its high-quality handle material Santoprene® and its robustness. The Multi Torque boasts the same advantages as the DigiTorque: switching-on with a press of the thumb, automatic switching-off for a battery life of over 10 years, can be recalibrated by user, simple switching of the display between Nm and ft·lbf.

From Version 2.1 one can calibrate the handles oneself using a torque-testing device. In the case of older versions or for external recalibration please contact your supplier. The MultiTorque can be used with all PB 225 interchangeable blades. The bit-holders also allow the use of all Precision Bits from the C6 range.

The release torque can be set simply using the additional key and can be read off from the display straight away. Range 3.2 - 16.0 Nm (2.4 - 11.8 ft·lbf), display accuracy 0.1 Nm.

 Recommended maximal torques in Nm for interchangeable blades PB 225

Flexibly adjustable for higher torque

Versatile application 3.2 - 16 Nm        (2.4 - 11.8 ft·lbf)

Switchable for metric - english

Loosening torque 100% higher than tightening torque

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