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 PB Digitorque Screwdrivers

The PB Swiss Tools Digi Torque screwdrivers are flexible, universal and individual. The release moment can be changed simply using the key supplied and appears straight away on the digital display on the handle end. The built-in mechanism guarantees adherence to the set torque with an accuracy of +/- 6 %. A press of the thumb onto the display activates the display electronics. Automatic switching-off after approx. 20 seconds guarantees a battery life of over 10 years.

From version 2.1 one can calibrate the handles oneself using a torque-testing device. In the case of older versions or for external recalibration please contact your supplier.

Digital Display and Designs

The torques can be displayed in Nm or ft·lbf, as chosen. The DigiTorque is available for three ranges with a certificate of +/- 6 % accuracy to EN ISO 6789.

Can be used with all PB 215 interchangeable blades for over 40 types and sizes of screws, incl. a bit-holder for bits with C6 connection.


Black range:
1.0 - 5.0 Nm (0.74 - 3.69 ft·lbf)
Display accuracy 0.05 Nm


Dark grey range:
0.4 - 2.5 Nm (0.3 - 1.84 ft·lbf)
Display accuracy 0.02 Nm


Light grey range:
10.0 - 80.0 cNm (0.89 - 7.08 in·lbf)
Display accuracy 0.05 cNm

Recommended maximum torques in Nm for interchangeable blades PB 215

Flexibly adjustable torque

Versatile application 0.1 - 5 Nm (0.0738 - 3.69 ft·lbf)

Independently recalibratable

Loosening torque 100% higher than tightening torque


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