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PB Voltage Tester Screwdrivers

The PB 175 voltage tester - two tools in one
The precise top of the range product by PB Swiss Tools allows for combined applications. On the one hand, the PB 175 provides a guaranteed test function for voltages, and on the other hand, it can also be used as a normal screw driver.

Voltage tester

This product is often used by electricians. The ergonomic groove shape, in particular, allows for a high degree of power transmission. The PB 175 size 0 also has its own cast-on clip for handy attachment to the shirt or trousers.

Hold the screwdriver blade on the current conductor and at the same time touch the end of the handle with your finger.

Watch for earthing. If a voltage is present, the glow lamp built into the handle lights up.

The voltage indicator must be tested for correct operation shortly before use.

The voltage indicator must not be used when precipitation is present, e.g. condensation or rain. If the voltage indicator

is damp, it must not be used.

The voltage indicator is only to be used for voltage testing and must not be used for other jobs on live equipment.

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