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PB 5100
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PB 5100 Electrotool Screwdrivers

The Electro Tool screwdrivers combine the advantages of the slender Classic handle with the non-slip Swiss Grip material. The VDE-tested Electro Tools offer professional and private users safety for electrical work.

The round basic shape with the conical handle neck is especially suitable for quick turning and for fine adjusting work.  The ergonomic grooves and the pleasantly non-slip surface of the soft components allow high hand torque and long, fatigue-free working.

One glance, one handle: You quickly have the right tool in your hand, thanks to the colour coding, symbol of the screw and the size.

Safe for work up to 1000 volts AC voltage - or 1500 volts DC voltage.
Adhere to safety measures!

Safe - VDE-tested

Quick identification at the handle end

Slender and space-saving

ElectroTools: Insulated screwdrivers for slotted screws according to DIN 7437,
approved by VDE up to 1000 V AC / 1500 V DC according to IEC/EN 60900:2004

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