Turmix of Switzerland

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The idea first
A cocktail mixer inspired the founders, Traugott Oertli, to develop a healthy, cuisine based, budget machine, in 1943 - a blender. From the French word "tourne" for rotate, and "mix", the name Turmix and the TURMIX brand was born.

Innovation and Quality
Once begun TURMIX has also developed agitators, fruit centrifuges, deep fat fryers and grills. Later followed humidifiers, slicers, toasters and irons. The name TURMIX has practically become a synonym for kitchen tools and household appliances. Among them were the first brand of espresso machines in Switzerland. In 1986 TURMIX developed an espresso machine for the now legendary Nespresso capsule. The foundations for the phenomenal success - both of the Nespresso capsules, and of the TURMIX espresso machines - had been laid. Today TURMIX manufactures a complete range of budget devices for the household.
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