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Solis Ultrasonic Fog Nebuliser Mist System

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Ultrasonic Fog Nebuliser Mist System

The Ultrasonic nebuliser converts the water with high-frequency oscillations in microfine mist around, by a fan with a pleasant 40 ° C in the air is delivered and there evaporates. Thanks to built-in humidistat, the unit as long as humidity until the desired humidity in the room is reached. A rich, replaceable Anti Chalk capsule ensures hygienically pure water mist without lime and mineral residues. For large spaces are particularly suited to the nebuliser ULTRASONIC of Solis devices bring more moisture into the air, as the producer of declares. Eco Test Magazine.

The Ultrasonic nebuliser converts the water with high-frequency oscillations in microfine mist around, by a fan in the room and there will have evaporated. If you pre-select operation, the water is first heated, germs and bacteria are killed and drops the temperature does not. 
The LCD display is user-friendly and shows you the different functions.

The integrated, replaceable cartridge decalcification ensures anytime for hygienically pure water mist without lime and mineral residue. So you also avoid white deposits on your furniture.

The best air climate

Besides the temperature and the air purity is in relation to an ideal climate, a third factor of crucial importance: the humidity. While the threat of climate to a humid air conditioned in our latitude is relatively low, is mainly during the winter months often to dry air in the rooms, which we heated. These are the consequences of dry air just devastating.

Order, especially during the dry indoor heating season to avoid is the use of nothing, if we ventilate. Rather, we must at this time of air feed actively water. If we do not air artificially add moisture, try this, their thirst to delete by the moisture from the skin, mucous membranes, plants, wooden furniture, etc. moves.

Doctors recommend a relative humidity of 40 to 60 percent. Then we feel the air in a room than ideal moistened. Moreover, the number of bacteria, viruses, fungi and mites from striking. Thus, the air is then also for our health, for animals and plants in space, for furniture, instruments and much more optimally.

Technical Data Ultrasonic Nebuliser
• Optionally cool or warm
• (40 ° C) humidification
• Do not cool the ambient temperature • • •
• Improved water quality
• Built for humidistat
• controlled humidification
• Power control
• Transparent water tank for clearly visible water level • •
• Powerful, replaceable • • Entkalkungspatrone
• Silent
• Modern design
• User-friendly LCD display • • with vacancy, operating,
• Moisture indicator etc.
• Simple operation and cleaning
• For rooms up to 60m2 / 150m3
• For hardness of 0-25 fh *
• Power consumption: 230 V / max. 140 Watt
• dimensions (W x H x D): 22 x 34 x 39.7 cm
• Weight: 3 kg

* At a water hardness of about 25fh, we recommend the use of Ultrasonic nebuliser not! Check in this case the use of a SOLIS Matic Air, Clean Air, or Hydrotwin Hydro Matic.