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Traser H3 Watches of Switzerland

Market leader with a unique technology mb-microtec is located in Niederwangen just outside Berne, Switzerland. In the early seventies, mb-microtec developed the technology to produce light sources so small they could be installed on the hands and dial of your wristwatch. These light sources called trigalight are independent of a battery or any other source of outside energy they never require recharging or servicing and do not require the push of a button. They are 100 times brighter than anything comparable and have a life span of more than 20 years. With these features, trigalight are ideal devices to illuminate watches and instruments. Other applications for self-illuminated light sources are: EXIT signs in places like hotel corridors, low level lighting on airplanes to lead people to safety an emergency with power failure.

Traser H3 watches can not be delivered in the following countries: Germany, France, USA and Canada.

Innovative Swiss technology Decades of research in the field of radio uminescence preceded the development and commercial use of trigalight in watches. trigalight are tiny glass vials hermetically sealed, coated on the inside with phosphorescent material and filled with minute amount of tritium gas.Electrons mitted from the gas are trapped by the internal phosphorescent coating to give a permanent, cold light. Depending on the type of phosphorescent material used rigalight can produce different coloured light. Green is the preferred colour because the human eye perceives it to be the brightest. Orange is also available and only slightly less bright. Blue is an option as well, but primarily used in divers watches because blue trigalight show a better contrast beyond a certain depth than green trigalight. The mass production of trigalight requires microsystem laser technology. Individual trigalight for watches are cut and sealed airtight, so no gas ever escapes. After continuously improving the production process, mb-microtec today manufactures trigalight which measure only 0.5 mm in diameter and as little as 1.3 mm in length. Unmatched in size (small) and quality (brightness and lifespan), mb-microtec’s trigalight are state of the art and without an alternative in the marketplace.