Kuhn - Rikon Duromatic Pressure frying pan, titanium

Kuhn - Rikon
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Duromatic Pressure frying pan, titanium

• Fast • Safe and simple • Elegant

DUROMATIC sets the standards for pressure cookers: three overpressure release devices ensure safety. Equally important is the fully automatic lid locking device, which prevents the pressure cooker from being opened as long as it is under pressure. Kuhn Rikon’s titanium-coated, super-fast pressure cookers sets a new benchmark for time-saving cookery. Suitable for induction.

Thanks to the “Supertermic” sandwich bottom, the DUROMATIC cooks not only faster but also achieves energy savings of up to 60%. The “Aroma Valve” retains the full flavour of the cooked food and leaves it that appetizing colour.

Liters: 2,5l
Diameter: 24cm

Height cm: 8cm
Guarantee in years: 10 (5)

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