Stöckli chestnut oven with grillplate

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Chestnut oven with grillplate

Mit emaillierter Pfanne und Deckel, passend für ca. 500 g Marroni oder Edelkastanien, mit Grill- und Crêpesplatte multifunktionell, auch geeignet für Grilladen, Crêpes und Tortillas.

Chestnut Cooker, that can produce for you a round of hot chestnuts and with the Grill-plate accessory, sausages, cutlets and strips of vegetables can be grilled, or delicate pancakes made. The possibilities are endless. Chestnut pan, lid and body are black enamelled.

Watt: 600 | Height: 24 cm  | Voltage: 230 | ø:24 cm

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